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Centennial Course Bunkers & Irrigation Updates

With the new Practice Facility and routing of New Centennial, the renovation project also addresses the entire Centennial course.

The bunkers will be rebuilt in place with the addition of new sand, sod, soil and internal drainage. They will be reconstructed with a state of the art liner system called the Better Billy Bunker. This bunker liner will improve drainage through the sand profile and significantly reduce bunker wash-outs following heavy rains. The reduction in wash-outs and improved drainage will lead to less bunker maintenance and improved consistency and playability. A new state of the art irrigation system will be installed on the New Centennial course and new driving range. This will allow for more efficient use and an overall reduction of water usage.

A complete re-grassing of Centennial will be done with a hardy variety of bentgrass that is more disease resistant, requires less water, fertilizers, insecticides, and weed controls.

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